A Cucurbitaceous Linear B Inscription

I set off home from the Kelsey Museum of Classical Archaeology last night under a drooping dusk, the streetlights just flickering into life as the leaves tumbled in their autumnal dance.  The air was cold, and a firm wind seemed to find my face no matter which way I turned.  Tucking in my chin, I … Continue reading A Cucurbitaceous Linear B Inscription


Linear B Translated: MY V 659

Another tablet in translation for your reading pleasure (you can find a full index here). This one is fairly well served in modern handbooks (it's in Documents and the more recent Companion to Linear B), but there remain some differences in interpretation -- and it's a personal favourite.  It was found in the West House at Mycenae, outside of … Continue reading Linear B Translated: MY V 659

An Easter Enigma

There are few things in life more consistently delightful than waking on Easter morning to a house full of chocolate eggs.  As such, I rose early today, and scampered down the stairs in excitement of what bounty might await me.  As I turned the corner at the landing, I could tell that my hopes were … Continue reading An Easter Enigma